Think Labs is an ongoing effort by Seven2 to provide research and educational opportunities in the web development and mobile field. To see what we’ve been cookin’ up, check out our blog postings.

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Team Think Labs | Think Labs Flash 101
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Animation & Design

Our first course, Think Labs 101, will cover the basics of the Flash interface and toolset, common Flash workflow and timeline animation. No prior Flash experience is required for Think Labs 101! We will be starting from the ground up.

Based on the individual and overall class aptitude, possible topics offered in the first course will include:

-Flash CS5 user interface and tool set
-Importing visual assets into Flash
-Creating visual assets in Flash
-Timeline animation and control
-Principles of animation
-Optimizing graphics in Flash
-Basic ActionScript animation
-Learning to teach yourself

During this course, students will participate in creating an animated character, producing a banner ad and creating Flash modules.

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