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Team Think Labs | Javascript graphing libraries are fun!
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Javascript graphing libraries are fun!

Jurassic-Park-33-Hold-on-to-your-butts1Hi all,
Recently I needed to take some very blah looking json feeds and turn them into interesting looking units of data in the world of SVG and HTML5.




DC.js is a fantastic library of mind-bendingly awesome utility that can allow you to create interactive charts that will have your users very excited to fiddle around with data. There’s definitely a learning curve to using it (and using crossfilter.js which is also very cool for slicing data on the client-side!) but it can turn even mediocre attempts into something that is engaging.


Flot is a library that’s been around for quite a while and it’s still pretty darn great. Good customization and very easy to use make it great for diving into making your own charts.


Google Charts is also another one that is quick and easy to use. I’ve used it before and it’s got that extra layer of google-ness that means you’ll have some additional connectivity options, I find it just as easy as Flot but with a touch more setup.

Now you have the power to take your charts to the next level and kick those zazz levels up to 11!