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Team Think Labs | Adobe Shape CC
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Adobe Shape CC

No more emailing yourself images with a picture of a sketch you did just so you can convert it to vector in Illustrator. Adobe has come out with a new app called Adobe shape that creates vector shapes automatically from your phone that works directly with Adobe Illustrator. All you have to do is take a picture of whatever you want to vectorize or an already existing image and the vectorized version will pop up in the libraries panel in Illustrator as long as you’re signed into Adobe cloud.


Download adobe shape and sign in, then pick a library you want to associate with from the top. next tap the plus sign at the bottom to create a new shape. You can either take an image, use an existing image or files on creative cloud.


Photo Dec 09, 9 17 06 AM

Take a picture of what you want to vectorize. After taking the image and excepting it there will be a minus and plus sign switch in the bottom right hand corner. On minus drag your figure over the unwanted areas and on plus add back in wanted areas.


Photo Dec 09, 9 17 41 AM Photo Dec 09, 9 18 00 AM


Once you are satisfied save your image and then switch over to adobe illustrator. Go to window in the top menu and choose library to open the library panel. Choose the library you created and there you will find you vector image. Dragging and dropping didn’t work for me so I right clicked on the vector image I wanted and chose use in document.


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.15.50 AM 1



If you wanna learn more watch the official video on Adobe Shape CC here