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Team Think Labs | Free App Store Analytics, Trends, and General Info
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App Rank History - App Annie

Free App Store Analytics, Trends, and General Info

Ever wanted to know how well a particular app is performing in the app store? Analyzing someone else’s app performance and/or general app trends can offer valuable information that might guide your own app development. In this article, we’ll look at what information is publicly available about apps in the app store.

I examined numerous websites in preparation for this article. However, there are so many that it felt daunting to examine all of them. I selected my favorite website for each piece of information and included it below. Note that my primary focus was on iOS performance, although many of these websites include Android performance as well.


App Rank History: App Annie

App Rank History - App Annie

Checking out app store chart rankings within various categories over specified periods of time is easy with App Annie.

Find the Number of Downloads for an iTunes App: Programmer Interview

Estimating number of App Store downloads

There is a link to the full 25 page academic paper that explains where the formula came from, but if you just want the quick down and dirty, the Programmer Interview post lists the formulas. That can be used in conjunction with App Annie’s Rank History to calculate a rough estimate of paid app revenue (IAP & ad revenue aside).

Global Download Count & Summarized Reviews: Xyo

Global download count & summarized reviews - Xyo

Another option for quickly getting a rough estimate for a global download count, along with trending app review buzzwords, & an aggregated/intelligent app score can be found at xyo.net.

“Top App Matrix” by Country, Device, & Date: App Annie

iPhone Top App Matrix - App Annie

App Annie offers the ability to see which apps are topping the free, paid, & grossing store charts, all wrapped up within a beautiful matrix sorted by country. Additionally, you can see this information for any particular device and on any particular date in the past. Handy!

Pricing & Version History: App Shopper

App Pricing & Version History - AppShopper

This great website lists all historical pricing & version history for all iOS and Mac apps. Additionally, you can set alerts and have it notify you when the price or version of a particular app changes.

App Store Keyword Trends & Rankings: App Annie

Ranking by Keywords - App Annie

Want to know which keywords are currently trending? Want to know which apps you will be up against based on the keywords you intend to use? App Annie to the rescue.

General App Store Landscape, Trends, & Insights: Flurry

General App Store Trends & Insights - Flurry

Flurry is a blog that I love to read. Being one of the most widely used analytic sdk’s available, they have excellent insights into the trends of the app store.

App Analytic Tool Comparison: Moby Affiliates

If you are interested in collecting non-publicly available information in your own app, but aren’t sure which sdk you should use, Moby Affiliates does a great job comparing and breaking down all of the most popular packages available.

Further Study: Moby Affiliates

If you are looking for a much more comprehensive list of all analytic websites, sdk’s, & publicly available information, Moby Affiliates offers a fairly comprehensive list. Although it may be slightly out of date now, most of it is still quite accurate and very worthwhile to examine.