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Team Think Labs | So You Think You Can Font
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8 - hello world

So You Think You Can Font

Say you have an interest in typography and fontography, you’re familiar with Illustrator and you’ve created some custom letters for whatever reason. Well, you can actually take those designs and use them to create an actual factual font! I was hoping to share how to create a custom font without having to shell out for a paid app, but it turns out the free ones are pretty terrible. They all are buggy and half of them haven’t been updated in several years. What I landed on using is the trial version of GlyphsApp, which is available in the Mac Store for $299.99. Some font design apps will let you import an SVG file. GlyphsApp doesn’t, but you can copy and paste straight from Illustrator. If you want to try your luck with a free app, you could try one called BirdFont. It imports SVGs but they often come through wonky and you have to edit them using tools that will drive you insane if you’re experienced in Illustrator.   Here’s a quick and dirty way to put together your font. Install GlyphsApp and open it. Choose File > New. 1 - new font   Start a new file in Illustrator that will be your sizing template. The letters seem to work better if you expand your strokes and merge them. To do that, select the letter in Illustrator, and go to Object > Expand. Then merge overlapping lines by using the Pathfinder tool and choosing Unite.     2 - expand and merge strokes   In GlyphsApp, double click a letter to edit it. Copy and paste the letter you just edited in Illustrator. 3 - paste into font app   Click on one of the vertical lines to adjust the spacing giving to the letter. I’m not bothering with the baseline or x-height for this particular font since all the letters are the same height and they should all be aligned in my Illustrator template.

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4 - spacing adjust   Repeat until you have all your letters added to GlyphsApp. Then go to File > Font Info and name your font. 6 - font info   Go to File > Export and save your font. 7 - export   Install your font like you normally would and start using it! 8 - hello world