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Team Think Labs | The Brainstorming Holy Grail
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The Brainstorming Holy Grail

I interned for a copywriter, Matt, in 2008 and he assigned me to the Clorox account (Poop jokes!). I worked insane hours, but every single idea I brought him was received with either of these phrases:

“That’s f#@king boring.”

“That f#@king sucks.”

He was totally right. He eventually gave me a small stack of papers he had sloppily stapled together and said, “Go f#@king read this” (Matt really liked swearing and eating McDonalds for every meal just to piss people off.). He had photocopied several pages of a book called, Creative Advertising. The section was entitled “The Kickstart Catalogue” and it caused an astronomical boost in my creativity and my productivity levels.

As marked-up and stained and torn as it may be now, it helps every time I use it. I recently found it online (huge relief in case of a house fire), so here it is:


I can’t think of one type of creative position or ambition that this document wouldn’t help, and I hope you can take advantage of it the way I have and continue to do. Big thanks to A#@hole Matt for hating my work enough to give me the tool I needed to make it better.