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Team Think Labs | Compile for Flash Player 9 Using Flash CC
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Compile for Flash Player 9 Using Flash CC


So, for some reason the goofies at Adobe decided not to implement publishing to Flash Player 9 in Creative Cloud. For us working on OLA, we are required to publish to Flash Player 9 with all of our banners. We have a very specific workflow and wanted to keep it as such. So, I found a way to go retrieve our fallen ally and bring him back to the world of the living. Here’s how:

First, download these two files from our server:

Flash Player 9 Files

This zip contains two files. Here is what they are and how to install them:

1) The first is playerglobal.swc. This file contains the new API’s for Flash CC and each Flash Player version contains it’s own unique playerglobal.swc file. To add it, go to finder and navigate to this file path: /Applications/Adobe Flash CC/Adobe Flash CC.app/Contents/Common/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0 . *Note: when you reach the Adobe Flash CC.app, you will need to right click and press “Show Package Contents”. Here’s a hint to navigate faster: While in Finder, press Command + Shift + G, then paste the file path into the box and press Enter.


From there you need to create a new folder entitled, FP9. Now, just paste playerglobal.swc directly into the FP9 folder.


2) The final file is FlashPlayer9_0.xml. This is a publish taget XML file. It is what actually allows you to select Flash Player 9 as an option in the Publish settings drop down Menu. Just paste that file here: /Applications/Adobe Flash CC/Adobe Flash CC.app/Contents/Common/Configuration/Players .


That should do it! Enjoy publishing with Flash Player 9 in all of its primitive, Yahoo server-catering glory.