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Team Think Labs | Flash Efficiencies
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Flash Efficiencies

Flash Efficiencies

Flash Efficiencies 2 from Seven2 on Vimeo.

My background is in After Effects, So when I first jumped into Flash I found myself often saying “What the Hell is wrong with this software!?” Whether it was tediously guiding one layer at a time, or dealing with its constant crashing, I was pretty much fed up. And While I haven’t found any solutions to keep Flash from crashing, I have found some other great resources.

Introducing Trick Or Script

In After Effects, whenever I felt there was a process that needed to move more quickly, I would look either for a Script or Plugin. So I started looking for scripts for Flash. That’s when I found trickorscript.com: an outstanding resource for people using Flash a lot. Here are the plugins I found most useful to me:

Layer Manager

The main benefit to this plugin is that you can change multiple properties of multiple layers all at once. This includes toggling visibility, outlines, guides, naming, and masking. You can even merge layers or convert multiple layers to a symbol.


Motion Path

This isn’t quite the time saver that Layer Manager is, but it allows you to create a motion path by first animating the extremes of your layer. Once you do, you choose your smoothness and then press one button and it creates a path. It’s also easier to edit the path without your movie clip losing it’s alignment.


Ease Easily

With this one, you can create an easeInOut animation with the touch of one button (or a keyboard shortcut). You can also add or remove eases to multiple layers at one time.


In Action

To fully realize the benefits of these plugins, watch the video and see them in action.