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Team Think Labs | Adobe Scout
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Adobe Scout

When it comes to optimization, files size concerns are on all of our minds, but what about performance? Performance testing is a big part of development. From a banner that needs to effectively convey its messaging even when viewed on dated hardware, to a game that needs to respond to user input without delay or frame drops. Currently there a number of methods to gauge the performance you’re getting at runtime, but most of them require some range of a background in programming to really make use of. Enter Adobe Scout.

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Adobe Scout, in Adobes own words is “…an advanced next-generation profiling tool that uncovers granular internal information in ActionScript-based mobile and browser content to unlock significant performance optimization opportunities for game developer and publishers.” Though it was just recently released, the software is quick, responsive, and easy to use right away. Simply open the program and Scout starts listening for any flash or AIR activity. Publish a swf in flash and you’ll get a read out. Play Kung Fu Panda online, and you’ll get a read out. It really is very simple.

Click here to check it out on Adobe.com