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Team Think Labs | The wolfpack of helpful tools for the web peep
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The wolfpack of helpful tools for the web peep

As web creatives we are often faced to the fact of being proficient with our time and budgets. Easier said than done right?
the wolfpack of helpful tools is got you back….for real.


Being a web designer as well as an acclaimed dev from time to time means that not only i have to designing and build pretty stuff but also making sure that i contribute into bringing some of those precious and tasty under budget dollars so i can keep doing what i love to do. luckily i ran into this handy wolf pack of tools that will speed up your presentation, designing, prototyping, and production time.




love Presenting? want to add some jazz to those boring comps? INVISION is the way to go!



For some, static comps are still a viable design deliverable, but they need some basic interactivity. InVision is an app that turns your static comps into “Protocomps.” Even when the comp is just a few elements, using InVision is a quick and efficient way to make it interactive.



Time to export you cool design for production? SLICY can give you a hand!
and also help ease the pain on your carpal tunnel



Using “Save for Web” can be an arduous process, one that doesn’t always produce usable results. I recommend gettingSlicy, which exports your layers to files independently. If you’re using Photoshop to create assets for the browser, this is your tool.


 Are you a fan of Action?
This is a Jason statham approved set of actions!



 “The mother lode of time-saving actions,” this list from Marc Edwards will make your life much, much easier. If it’s useful, it’s included: a panel of the most-used Photoshop tools, scaling a document by 200% or 50%, testing for color-blindness and much more. It’s free, so there’s really no reason not to have it.




Part of being efficient between Photoshop and the production is creating reusable assets. PixelDropr is a fantastic plugin that enables you to drag and drop assets (icons, buttons, photos, etc.) from a panel onto your document.




Until recently, Photoshop didn’t have a way to export CSS attributes for the elements you create. If you don’t have the latest version, thenCSS3Ps is a good alternative. If you do have CS6, the differences between the built-in feature and these plugins isn’t much, although the plugins might take longer to display results and are also more accurate at times.


That’s it. no go make the Wolf Pack proud!