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Team Think Labs | Compile for Flash Player 10 & 10.1 Using Flash CS6
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Compile for Flash Player 10 & 10.1 Using Flash CS6


For OLA we are required to deliver all files compatible with Flash CS5. It is easy enough to save out a CS5 copy from any CS6 software (Flash Included), but the SWF that appears when you compile will most likely be published for Flash Player 11.1, 11.2, or 10.3. Unfortunately OLA needs SWFs that use Flash Player 10 & 10.1. There is an easy way to force Flash CS6 to force this functionality, and here it is…

The first thing you will need to do is download the 10.1 playerglobal.swc from Adobe’s Archived Flash Player versions site.



Next, navigate to the Actionscript 3.0 folder located in the Flash CS6 Install Path (/Applications/Adobe Flash CS6/Common/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/). In this folder there should be folders for each Flash Player version. Copy one of those folders (ex. FP10.3) and change the name to “FP10.1″. Now, place the playerglobal.swc in that new folder, replacing the older version.

2Now, you just need to create a new XML file. Navigate back to the configuration folder. There should be a “Players” folder inside it. Click on it and duplicate the “FlashPlayer10_3.xml” file. Rename it “”FlashPlayer10_1.xml”.

3Open the XML file and change the line of code

as3=”$(AppConfig)/ActionScript 3.0/FP10.3/playerglobal.swc” />

and make it match your new file path:

as3=”$(AppConfig)/ActionScript 3.0/FP10.1/playerglobal10_1.swc” />


You are done! Open up Flash and click the “Target” drop down menu under “Publish Settings” in your properties panel. Flash Player 10.1 & 10.2 should now be options for you to publish in.