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Team Think Labs | FPO like a pro
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FPO like a pro


We’ve all used our share of lorem ipsum for placeholder content. There are many options to plug in (over 22) including Samuel L. Ipsum, Vegan Ipsum, Bacon Ipsum, etc.

SamJackson Check some of them out here >

Well, now there’s something similar for imagery.
It’s called lorempixel and it’s a simple way to drop in some relevant FPO (For Placement Only) imagery into your project whether it’s for print or digital format. You know how the story goes…. we have to design or dev a project and we don’t have all the assets needed to complete it. We search for some relevant FPO imagery as a temporary placeholder until we get or create the assets we need, then we swap them out. Quickly plug in some simple information such as height, width and category of imagery, and voila… an image is generated specifically for your need.

“Need an inspiring, 1583 x 315px, Black & White, animal shot for an awkwardly sized meme?”

Need an inspiring, 1583 x 315px, Black & White, animal shot for an awkwardly sized meme? An ultra-hip shot of “man holding iPad” for a techy email blast? Boom, they got it. How about an obnoxiously huge food photo for that blog background you’re putting together. My friend, it’s all here.


The site has 11 different image categories for your FPO needs and allows you to specify color vs. black & white imagery. For this service you’re probably thinking, “this great tool has to be tens-of-dollars” right? Well guess again my friend, because this baby is free to use. The images are licensed under to Creative Commons to be used for all their mockup glory.


Happy image placing, team.

[button link="http://lorempixel.com" size="large" target="self"]lorempixel.com[/button]


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Great options for FPO Frameworks:




DummyDummy is a toolkit designed to make the development, testing and presentation of web prototypes less time consuming and more realistic.

[button link="http://dummy.kerns.dk" size="small" target="new"]DUMMY[/button]



FixieFixie.js is an open source tool that automatically adds filler content to HTML documents.

[button link="http://fixiejs.com" size="small" target="new"]FIXIE[/button]