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Team Think Labs | Scaling Objects in Illustrator without affecting Anchor Position
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Scaling Objects in Illustrator without affecting Anchor Position

Have you ever needed to scale multiple objects in Illustrator but needed to maintain their anchored position? Found this handy trick today that was a great time saver.

Here’s the file I’m working on. I have it placed as a smart object in Photoshop and it needs a few tweaks – I decided the dots need to be bigger but would like to scale them all up simultaneously while preserving their position without going through and applying scaling effects individually. This will create minimal impact on my Photoshop file where I have positioning and effects applied to the vector smart object.

I’ll select all of the objects I’d like to scale while keeping them in their anchored coordinate positions. CTRL click or access the Transform menu through the Object > Transform menu to pull up your scaling options.

You’ll notice a transform option called Transform Each. Select it to bring up a new Transform menu.

The Transform Each menu is full of goodies for you to tweak your objects without affecting their anchored position. Click the Preview box to see how the settings will affect your objects – you can Scale, Move, Rotate, Reflect and more to your heart’s desire. Yeah!