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Team Think Labs | AE Brainstorm Tool
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AE Brainstorm Tool

For a while I wasn’t sure if After Effects really cared about me at all, it felt like such a one-sided relationship.  I push all the buttons, I come up with all the ideas, I don’t even know who you are anymore After Effects.  Then I discovered the brainstorm tool, and I was free to be lazier.

Heres a quick little animation I did.









I’d like to change the look of the main shockwave a bit.  It has a roughen edges effect applied to it that gives it the sort of cloudy look I wanted.  I could go in to the setting of this effect and start tweaking it or I can select the effect and hit the brainstorm tool.













Once selected it will give you 9 variations of your effect on that particular layer.  You can hit play and watch them all play, or hit the Maximize  button on any of em to see it larger.  If there is one you really like you can hit the Save As New Composition option and it will give you a new composition while keeping your original composition untouched, or if you pretty sure you wanna stick with that look hit the Apply To Composition option to update your comp.  A cool option is the Include In Next Brainstorm button, select this on any of the variations you like and then click the brainstorm button again to give you variations closer to those options you favored.  You can also adjust the randomness button to get crazier or less crazier options when you tap the brainstorm button.













So here’s what I wound up with pretty quickly, granted its ugly and I hate it, but I’m sure you could do something not ugly.  Also the brainstorm to can work on individual parameters for effects.  So instead of selecting the whole roughen edges effect you can just select the Fractal Influence or the Complexity and just get Brainstormyness for those specific areas.