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Team Think Labs | Hot 3D Text Action in Photoshop CS6
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Hot 3D Text Action in Photoshop CS6

Remember the days of yore when you’d have to carefully rasterize and render each letter on your precious title screens and designs? Those days are over thanks to Photoshop CS6′s new snazzy 3D text editing tool. Let’s get into it:

Select the type tool and insert some text. Don’t worry about size, color, etc. for now.
With your type selected, notice the new 3D button up in the menu bar.

After you click it, you’ll see that Photoshop has converted your text into a 3D image, as well as a few menu changes.

The menu up top will assist you with manipulating and transforming your 3D image – rotating, scaling, etc. Your sidebar menu shows the elements that make up your 3D scene.

Select the text layer in the 3D panel and a new Properties menu will appear. From here you can adjust your extrusion depth, text color, etc.

The great thing about how Photoshop treats 3D rendered text is that it is completely editable. With your text ‘layer’ still selected in the 3D panel, select the Type tool. From here you’re able to use the warp tool to create additional effects for your design.

Choose the desired effect and click ok. Additionally, you can change fonts or even text within your type. Just make sure you have the text layer selected in your 3D Properties Panel.

Clicking the Edit Source button in the Properties menu will open up your text as an editable smart object – edit your text, save, and it will update in your main file. Pretty slick!


This was just an intro into basic capabilities of the new 3D text tool in CS6. Enjoy!