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Team Think Labs | Movie Magic in Photoshop!
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Movie Magic in Photoshop!

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet.The new Timeline panel in Photoshop CS6 took over the animation panel. It is very similar to After Effects and is pretty awesome for simple animation and video editing. You can now keyframe position, transform, style and opacity. You can also import video and use Photoshop’s many color editing capabilities to apply to your video clips. It’s pretty magical and fun.

Another way to use the timeline would be:

• Creating quick storyboard examples for videos and animations.
• Video presentations to our clients.


Video and Animation features:

• Create video groups out of separate video layers

• Drag to set in or out points. A smaller preview is shown right above

• Clips automatically fill gaps when in or out points are set

• Easily add transitions

• Add audio

• All other tools still apply to video clips. (effects, color adjustments, etc.)

• Add stills

• Add motion options to stills (pan and zoom, rotate, etc.)

• Set keyframes for position, transform, opacity, and style.

- Convert stills to smart objects to set transform keyframes. Hit return at each new point to add new keyframes

• Add any filter to a video by making it a smart object first

• Render Video with many presets to choose from

• Color Manage to keep all clips and stills in the same color space


Now go have fun making magical movies!