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Team Think Labs | Seven2, Now in Technicolor
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Seven2, Now in Technicolor

Are you sick of your Canon EOS DSLR footage looking crappy? Probably not, because todays DSLRs create an exceptional product under unlimited circumstances. But that fact of the matter is, they are Pro-Sumer Cameras. They are not technically made for professional industries such as film, commercial, or broadcast. A few reasons why they can’t hold a candelabra to one of the leading professional digital cameras, the RED Scarlet:

1) Resolution

2) Filming RAW

3) High-Dynamic Range

Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to bridge these gaps between Canon & RED. For example, a camera’s dynamic range is defined by it’s sensor and how much light it can take in. At some point darks will become noise and whites will clip. A camera like the RED, has a much higher dynamic range then a Canon DSLR. However, Technicolor has come up with a creative solution. They created a Picture Style for DSLRs that adjusts the camera’s Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation, and Color Tone to cater to the way a DSLR compresses it’s footage.

When a Canon 60D is filming in a low light situation, you will often notice a lot of artifacts or noise in the darker regions of the image. This is because Canon’s H.264 Compression is the most harsh on the extremes. Running Technicolor’s Cinestyle on your camera will equalize those four traits mentioned earlier (specifically contrast and color tone) so that when the camera compresses the footage, it will retain all the data that would normally be lost in the extreme darks and whites.

Standard Picture Style


Cinestyle with LUT

Standard with Exposure

Cinestyle with Exposure


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