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Team Think Labs | Ideas on Fire
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Ideas on Fire

What in the world are ideas on fire? I heard this phrase awhile back and it has inspired me since. For me, this phrase means ideas that spread, are original, and engage our audiences. Staying inspired and keeping our ideas fresh is crucial in our industry.

For my article, I decided to start an inspiration resrouce for us to use when we need some fire for a project. For now, it will be in blog and PDF format, but I’d eventually like to work with one of you talented developers and create a web version. I’ll get this party started, and I’d like to continue adding to it as we find other resources. If you have anything you’d like to add, send it my way.

Interviews / Lectures

The Do LecturesThe Do Lectures
The Do lectures is a collection of video talks from inspiring people all over the world. Some of the     topics include: Big ideas, Challenges, Inspiring, Soulful, etc. These videos are awesome to have playing on your second monitor while your working on something. Many of them get you thinking of ideas we don’t always notice.





The Great Discontent
The Great Discontent explores answers to tough questions from all types of people connected to the creative industry. TGD is less about the work we create, and more about the individuals behind it. The content is dished up in a real fun way and is updated almost daily.






Method and Craft
Method and craft contains videos and articles on a variety of different design and software techniques. Articles are posted by top level industry creatives, and super relevant.






CSS Tricks
CSS Tricks is blog style website with lots of in depth articles, tutorial videos, downloads, etc. to help us learn new tricks. Users can also comment on articles and pitch in there two cents which is a nice touch.







That’s a start. Hope you enjoy these. Let’s build this out and keep our ideas strong.