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Team Think Labs | Building Interactive PDFs in InDesign CS6
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Building Interactive PDFs in InDesign CS6

InDesign CS6 has some new features that allow users to design and deploy content that can easily be repurposed or resized for different screen sizes and resolutions.

I’ve been researching some new ways to build and send proposal docs out to clients that were a bit more interactive, and could easily adjust to different screen resolutions.


It’s easy to add in simple navigation to your docs for users to quickly navigate through the pages, or link off to URLs.



Add transitions, timing and more to your content that can be exported and shown in HTML and SWF formats.


“Liquid Layouts”

You can now build, view and edit  layouts that can resize and adjust your layout to fit different screens using the Liquid Layouts feature.

Add in multiple formats and adjust how you want the content to rescale, and InDesign creates those other sizes letting you see the layouts side by side to compare and edit them.


Video & Web Content

Show video and web content in-page with the Folio Overlay tools. Users will be able to watch video, navigate a website and more right on your page with these tools.


That’s it for now. I’ll add / edit more of the features as I learn them!