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Team Think Labs | Quick 3D text with Blender and Photoshop
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Quick 3D text with Blender and Photoshop

Creating 3D elements for a design usually involves illustrating the intended object from scratch, which can be time consuming and requires a decent understanding of perspective. Its also more difficult to execute when the design requires a complex camera angle. The other alternative is to actually create the whole thing in a 3D program, which requires you to create a 3d objects as well as texture, light and render them to produce a finished composition.

However, there’s another option that blends both techniques, basic 3D modeling with illustration. Essentially, create the basic aspects of the object or scene in any 3D program (Blender for our demonstration) and then use that as a template or guide to paint over in a drawing application like photoshop or illustrator.


Blender video tutorial coming soon. Had some issues with the screen cast software.