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Team Think Labs | Particle Effects, Glyphs, and More
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Particle Effects, Glyphs, and More


Some time ago, I came across a site, 71Squared http://www.71squared.com/ when I was looking into adding particle effects to a game. There are two featured apps here (Glyph Designer and Particle Designer) as well as some very nice tutorials and tips for iphone and web development.


Glyph Designer


The first app is called Glyph Designer.  With this app you can custom build fonts for your games and applications.  All fonts are added to a Texture Atlas.  This is great because Texture Atlases save on texture memory.  Bitmap fonts are also faster to render.  Great for in game scores etc.


Particle Designer

The second app is particle designer.  This app provides an interface for creating particle effects.  Particle effects are exported as a .pex file which can be parsed into your application and used for creating particle emitters.  There are also many particle effects uploaded by users.

Currently I’ve only seen Sparrow, Cocos2D and Starling using Particle Designer.  It would be great to see more frameworks using this.


That is all.  Just a quick resource I came across with some pretty cool apps that I hope to see frameworks implementing in the future.  Especially as touch screen devices grow in popularity and usability.