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There are tons of good resources online for stock textures. For a truly unique,
uncanned look – create your own!

STEP 1 - Find a Texture
Look around and find something that you think would make a nice texture. Some ideas include old paper, a chunk of wood, fabric, JP’s new boot, etc. The more creative the better.

STEP 2 - Scan
Scan your texture in. The typical settings I use are: 300 dpi, RGB and .jpeg format.

STEP 3- Contrast
Open up your scanned image in Photoshop and follow these steps to create some good contrast for Illustrator to pick up:

  • Depending on how you’ll be using the image, you may want to turn your image into greyscale.
  • Adjust both the black and white levels to knock back the mid tones and simplify the texture. (find this setting in image > adjustment > levels)
  • Crop any unnecessary elements

STEP 4 – Live Trace Open up your image in illustrator. Follow these steps:

  • Live trace your image
  • Select the Lettering preset to knock out the background
  • Adjust the min area and threshold to add more or less detail (Found in top toolbar. 200 and 1px is a common setting I use)
  • Expand your image, and your done!