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Team Think Labs | 10 Handy Photoshop Shortcuts
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10 Handy Photoshop Shortcuts

Photoshop shortcuts are rad. They make it much easier to do certain tasks, and speed up your productivity in a big way. Here’s a collection of some of my favorites:

1.  Kerning

Click between the two letters that you’d like to tweak
Hold Option + Right or Left arrow key
(Right = increase / Left = decrease)

(Add one increment points between characters)


2. Brush Size & Hardness

Select your brush tool
Control + Option + Click
Drag your mouse right/left to change the brush size, up/down to change the hardness

(Increase or decrease your brush size and hardness)


3. Opacity and Fill

Numeric Keys = Changes opacity of selected layer
Shift + Numeric Keys = Changes fill of selected layer


4. Quick Duplicate

Option + Shift + Up/Down

(Duplicate a layer quickly directly above or below)


5. Switch Foreground / Background Color

Press X

(Quickly shift between foreground and background colors)


6.  Mask View

Option + Click on the layer mask in the layers palette

(See the mask you’ve created reversed out)


7.  Birds Eye View

Hold H + Click your mouse
Let go of mouse to zoom back

(Nice for large image editing or mobile design)


8.  Custom Screen Shot

Command + Shift + 4
A hairpin cursor will appear
Click and drag your cursor over the area you’d like to shoot. Let go to shoot.

(Screen shoot only a specific piece of your design)


9. Zoom to 100%

Double click on the zoom tool in your palette.


10.  Change workshop background

Right click on the workspace to access a dropdown menu.
Choose black, grey, or set a custom color

(See your design on different backgrounds)


What are some of your faves?