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Team Think Labs | Intro to Timeline Animation Library
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Intro to Timeline Animation Library

In the programming world, the ability to repurpose old classes from previous projects is of enormous benefit. For this reason, considerations are made when developing a new class from the ground up to ensure the class can be easily understood, modified, and built upon. Smart, money-saving stuff, for you dev ladies and gents — but what about animated items? How would we go about repurposing an intricately layered and/or nested timeline animation? Introducing the Foundry United Timeline Animation Library. Browse easily through the ever-growing laundry list of animated FX as a live preview of your current selection loops in the center of the screen. The exact file size, as well as projected performance hit, is displayed at glance. Details on both adding to and grabbing from the library below.

  • Checkout the latest copy of Foundry United Timeline Animation Library
  • Open src/FLAs/_template.fla
  • Save As src/FLAs/myFileName.fla
  • Open Publish settings, modify .swf name to match your .fla
  • Bring in and/or build out your animation
  • Fill out the runtime drag questionnaire, modifying the text boxes only
  • Organize your library inside the fla to reflect the exact structure of _template
  • Save, Publish, Close
  • Open deploy/xml/config.xml
  • Duplicate any line entry and swap .swf name for your new addition
  • Open deploy/openMe.html and double check your work
  • Commit your new addition
  • Open deploy/openMe.html to make your selection
  • Open src/FLAs/theFXSequenceYouWantToSnag.fla
  • Select and copy (only) the nested movieclip on your stage
  • Paste away, your library will be conflict-free and organized perfectly