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Team Think Labs | Blender Animations and After Effects
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Blender Animations and After Effects

Sometimes you just want to take your awesome 3d animations into after effects and make em even awesomer. This task is a bit easier in other programs, but in blender I had to dig deep into the bowls of the internet to find something that worked well.  This little gem of an Add-On comes in pretty darn handy especially if your not so savvy in the ways of the 3d arts but know after effects fairly well.  Set up your model in Blender, (or have a bearded man do it for you) and in my case animate camera moves around your model.  Export the camera and object data and import it as an after effects camera and null object so you can play around however you like in after effects within the same 3d space.  Check it.


Heres where the script is located.


Be sure to give this guy some love for being rad.


Install the script in blender.  Go to File/User Preferences, select Add-Ons, and hit “Instal. Add-On.  Find the Add On you saved to your computer, select it, and hit “Install Add-On”.  Next make sure to enable the add-on.





Make sure to render your animation out of blender, a PNG sequence or whatever format moves you the most.  This will be the background plate for all your laser cat animations in after effects.  Then select your camera and all the objects you want to export.  Go to File/Export/Adobe After Effects (.jsx).  Change the location and name of your export if you wish, or if you lack imagination do nothing.  Hit “Export to Adobe After Effects”.






Open up After Effects, go to Fiile/Scripts/Run Script File.  Select the .jsx file you created out of blender.  A new composition will be created that has a camera and null objects for however many objects you exported.  Import your rendered animation sequence, drop it in your comp and motion grapherize things to your heart’s content.  Totes fun.




Heres the final product.