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Team Think Labs | Button Builder
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Button Builder Interface

Button Builder

Have you ever found yourself in a place needing to create multiple buttons – with a similar aesthetic – for a web or multimedia project? Meet Button Builder, he’ll be your new best friend.

Button Builder is a MAC OSX app created by that folks over at Realmac Software. The super simple interface helps you quickly, and efficiently create single or multiple button treatments for websites, mobile apps, etc. The straight forward, 3 step process makes this app useful for creatives, as well as developers needing a quick button.

Key features:

· Over 50 pre-set buttons (that you can customize to your liking)
· Gradient, Shine, and Color overlay
· Custom typography
· Smooth drop shadows
· Scaling (Useful for creating global button treatments)
· Save your buttons for further adjustments
· Export to jpeg or png format

Button Builder is a FREE, open source app that can be downloaded all over the web. Including here.