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Team Think Labs | Nothing cooler than Kuler
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Nothing cooler than Kuler

A nifty and convenient color tool

When I find myself cranking on a design or two, fighting to meet deadlines, there are two things that slow me down. Choosing a typeface and picking colors. Sometimes those elements are defined by brands or client preference, but when they’re not this little tool can help…choosing a palette that is. As for fonts, well that’s for another 8:30 a.m. meeting of the minds.

What I like about Kuler is that it is an extension of all the tools I use on a daily basis. My tools, Illustrator and Photoshop are from Adobe and Kuler is from Adobe, so it’s all pretty seamless, and intuitive. I found that after about five minutes of tinkering it all made a lot more sense than most things in life. That’s not to say I have explored all of its features, but these are a few that I’m keen on:

Creating and saving palettes based off a corporate color

As I mentioned in my presentation, another quality application of this tool is using the monochromatic, analogous and shades selectors to find good swatches for rollover states and button shading, etc.

Creating palettes based off photographs

My favorite way to make a really good palette is finding a beautiful photograph and pulling colors from that. Kuler’s default selection of colors from the photo is usually really good but if you notice the points called out on the photo above, these can be moved to pull in a different color. Sweet mother of mercy I could do this frequently and with abandon.

Kuler links

There are a bunch of handy links in the so called “links” section of the site; helpful tutorials, swell desktops, intriguing sites. And to answer your unspoken question, my birthday color is Grape Royale, according to the modern science of Colorstrology.

All right. That’s all I got you little mouse monkeys. Now go out and make the digital world even more beautiful!